Delft Improv Group

Our improv jams

Throughout the academic year, DIG organises improv jams every week. These are 2-hour, english-spoken sessions in which members gather to play improv games and perform scenes together. If you live in or near Delft, then our improv jams are a great place to get started with improv or to further hone your improv skills.

The jams are held on Thursdays from 19:15 till 21:15 in the room “Rhythm” at the X Building on the TU Delft campus. Anyone can join their first two jams without needing to become a member. So just hop by!

What to expect?

Typically, a jam is attended by 10-20 people, of which (often) 1-3 people are joining for the first time. This means that a DIG improv jam is always a mix of newer and more experienced players. This mixed environment allows new players to learn from the examples and feedback given by older members.

While giving feedback is important, the point of the jam is not for members to judge each other’s performances. Ultimately, the jams are a place to blow of some steam, have some fun and learn something new in the meantime. There is always a board member present at a jam to oversee the session and they make sure that everyone feels welcome. If, at any time, there is a game or scene you don’t want to partake in, that’s alright! We encourage you to try out new things but never to do something you are uncomfortable with.

What to bring?

Make sure to arrive at the jam in comfortable clothing (no wedding gowns!) and to bring a water bottle. Other than that, you don’t need to prepare anything – it’s improv!

Note: all DIG activities are held in English so some English-speaking skills are required.